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About Helen K

Food by Helen K is led by passionate Helen Kublik. Brazilian born, fascinated with baking and cooking since she was little, she graduated in Tourism and Hospitality in 2004 and has been working in the events and hospitality industry since 2002.

Firstly, as an event planner, with her never resting creative mind and a precise attention to detail, she organised several themed parties and many exhibitions. This was her pathway to diverse and inventive experiences in gastronomy. She moved to London in 2004 to acquire more knowledge and develop her career.

In London, she worked as a restaurant and bar manager where she learnt the art of creating beautiful and innovative drinks and food, always aiming for perfect balance of ingredients.

She also worked for some of the biggest and most prestigious catering companies in London. For 3 years, she worked as an events manager, operational manager, and as a mixologist, creating unique and signature cocktails for several clients (including London Fashion Week, Olympics 2012, Polo Cup Events, Bill Gates Foundation Events, and many more) applying traditional to modern techniques to her creations.

Here in Australia, her catering is now mainly inspired by the Mediterranean region, using spices, and flavours discovered from trips to Iran, Turkey, Greece and surrounding regions. 


Now also a busy mother of two beautiful boys she is focused on healthy options, avoiding processed food, refined sugars and fried products. Her dishes are packed with good carbohydrates including nuts, seeds, vegetables and whole grains.

Her love of baking combined with this motherly instinct for healthier alternatives led her to recreate old cake recipes avoiding use of gluten, dairy and refined sugars, providing conscious and reduced carbohydrate alternatives to sweet cravings. 

Food by Helen K is a team of chefs and waiting staff that help Helen bring all these ideas to your event. Her enthusiastic customer service, big smile and love for life combined with beautiful cocktails and flavoursome food make every occasion, a memorable one… Enjoy!


Follow us on Instagram @foodbyhelenk

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